Virtual Call Slip

Virtual Call Slip is a mobile app and desktop interface that allows school site staff to enter requests for students to move from place to place on campus using campus supervisors and other site support staff.


Here at Ares Development, we created Virtual Call Slip to improve campus safety, minimize classroom interruptions and deliver accountability through real-time data.  Our program has also helped solve non-traditional attendance issues on campuses with Academy periods and school days with alternate schedules.  Virtual Call Slips mobile app and web desktop interface are easy to use and setup is flexible to your specific school site needs.

See How it Works

Meet The Team

Scott Steinbeck

Scott is a Software Architect and Data Scientist who partners with Business Professionals to bring innovative solutions to difficult problems. After spending nearly a decade working in the Tech industry creating solutions for small and large business operations, he knows what truly drives streamlined operation, efficient practices and data-driven decision-making — and it’s not overly complicated software and spreadsheets. It's creating intuitive easy-to-use solutions, that simplify and speed up the collection of decision-critical information

Bryan Easter

Bryan has served as a teacher, coach and administrator in public education for over 15 years. His passion is in the career technical arts and he constantly searches for tools that help school sites run more efficiently and effectively. His educational background and school safety lens has been a large part of the development of the Virtual Call Slip.

To set up a free virtual consultation, please fill out our Contact Form or reach us at:

​Tel: 661.769.6730


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